Share Certificates available for your collection.
You can search for your name in any of the batches

1. Batch 1           Click here to search                           2. Batch 2    Click here to search

3.Batch 3           Click here to search                           4. Batch 4    Click here to search 

5. Batch 5          Click here to search                           6. Batch 6    Click here to search

7. Batch 7          Click here to search                           8. Batch 8    Click here to search

9. Batch 9         Click here to search 

Procedure to Search

1. Download the PDF share register list
2. Search for your name or MSS
3. If your name is found, kindly contact us through any of the phone numbers below referencing your MSS, serial number and name for immediate collection.

For further inquiries, you Can contact us via:-
Tel 09-2918007, Mobile:+234 (0)7052522055, +234 (0) 803 381 4007
E-mail:, info@nigeriapolicemortgagebank.c

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