Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank


1. Regular Savings / Target Accounts
This product is aimed majorly at encouraging gradual saving towards the purchase or acquisition of land or house.

Interest on deposit while saving.
Building up equity contribution for land or house purchase.

Encourage saving culture in customers towards their desired needs.
Can be used as collateral for loan

Open Target Savings Account with N2,000 and above
Start regular savings into the account

2. Current Accounts

3. Fixed Deposits (Minimum of 180-day tenor)

4. NPMB NHF Loan Account

5. NPMB Land Ownership Loan
This is designed to enable customer acquire piece of land towards actualizing their life dream. read more 

6. NPMB – NPF – FMBN – Home Renovation Loan
This Product is designed as a quick-win that allows customer access Renovation loan from Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria(FMBN) to improve existing properties owned by them personally or through family. read more

7. NPMB Mega Savings Account
This product is aimed at encouraging saving culture in customers towards a desired purpose with the bank.

3% for any amount saved.
Minimum Savings Tenor of 6 months.
Interest will not be paid if ANY withdrawal before the 6 months.

Encourage saving culture in customers towards their desired needs.
Captivating interest rate of 5% per annum for amount saved

Open MEGA SAVINGS ACCOUNT with initial deposit of 5,000.
Start saving on the account for 6 months to enjoy 3% rate

8. Financial & Mortgage Advisory Services

Click here to view available properties


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